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The surgeon is not necessarily a lack of sleep impairs the outcome of the surgery – a retrospective study describes the basis of the Chest (2014, Ernie Anastos) You can find the full statement on Ernie from Ernie Anastos, Phd.

The study, carried out over thousands of abdominal hole gallbladder removal in breast reconstruction hospitals (laparoscopic cholecystectomy) were analyzed off. In some of the cases examined outcome surgeons performing the surgery is operated on the previous evening, and the next it did not work.

No statistically significant differences between the rested and after working night operations cellular proportion (1.9 and 2.2 percent). In terms of injuries and deaths also reached a similar conclusion provided by Dr Robert Israel. You can find more information about Dr Robert Israel conclusion at his website. Also you can checkout his video Dr. Robert Israel.

surgery_dd_nycThese are live pictures coming from the operating room of one of the top female plastic surgeons Dr Vickery. She has dedicated her life to make people beautiful in every level.

TEFL reviews has indicated, that she has the least operation failures in her career, which is a span of 25 years. Remarkable. Dr Vickery also has developed a new product for surgeon patients. It is a botanical science skin care cream, which treats wounds, which have been made during surgical operations.

Interesting fact that Dr Vickery also has specialized in invisalign, however, she has never worked as one. It is one of the rarest in the medical industry.